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Beach wedding

Because the sea makes us think that everything is eternal

The water has this power, embrace us, it's part of life...

The waves, your wave...

The sand that touches you, that comes with the waves, remember, much more will come. This one could be big, or one of the biggest. This is your wave, so take it, please ride it, and enjoy the moment, because the sea is part of you. Just remember to smile, to laugh, to share everything you can. Because at the end of the day, these will be the waves that you'll take with you.


The Sand

You touch them, you feel them and even though they're small, they're millions, even billions. They're like feelings and small gestures, they're like you and everyone all around. So don't forget, everything will be important, everything will matter, even if it has the weight of a grain of sand...


The Sun

And at the beach, the beautiful sunny days, warmth, happiness and just the experiences that we all already had on it. Just the sun to bring us out of our shelter, just the sun can lift us to other realities, just under it you can have That perfect day...


This is what a wedding at the beach can be - a small part of it, at least. The rest needs to be lived. Maybe you'd like to share this short story and inspire others. Or a special other, who knows.

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