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Vintage Wedding

The conception of time is relative, only emotion is real. 

Because we can go backwards, we can travel in time, we can watch a movie or read a book, but feeling all this, in the present, somewhere, that's unique... 

Time goes by so slowly

Because the moment looks everlasting, the people, the emotion, you and the other person. When all is perfect, time is relative, time are just numbers running on a clock. So don't think this is the present, this could also be the past. The past stories of other couples, other memories, where they belong, all mixed, in one place, there, for you to celebrate your one reality.


It's vintage, It's new

It's just new, it's just something you never saw. Something used for another purpose, conceived for another reason. But now it is here for this moment in your life. It's all about comfort, all about transforming what was already good and making it perfect, that's what means Vintage for us.


Defy what's normal

This will take you more than one day and will stay forever with you. So don't go for what's normal, go for what's different. Go for it, seize the opportunity, make something out of the norm, grab the moment. It's vintage, it's proud, it's you, not present... timeless


This is what a vintage wedding can be - a small part of it, at least. The rest needs to be lived. Maybe you'd like to share this short story and inspire others. Or a special other, who knows.

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